Doggy Daycare


A day in the life of a ‘VIP’ (Very Important Pooch) at Bendigo Doggy Daycare is a careful balance between action packed fun with other like minded social dogs. We offer stimulating games and puzzles, positive reward training sessions, play time on ‘dog only play equipment’ and with dog toys, and they all get cuddles, ear massages, belly rubs and chin tickles- just prior to having a well-deserved rest, and when they wake we start all over again with the fun and games.

 Some benefits of your dog attending Doggy Daycare are:
• Dogs learn how to play with other dogs and help increase their social skills.
• Dogs use up a great deal of their energy during their time at Doggy Daycare, which makes for a well-rested dog in the evening. Rather than coming home to a hyper dog who has been alone all day.
• Doggy Daycare can help alleviate some behavioural problems, for example: barking, chewing and digging from lack of exercise and mental stimulation. Doggy Daycare address these problems by giving dogs the opportunity to play.

Puppy Preschool


Our puppy preschool program is designed to encourage your puppy to become a well-socialised and relaxed member of your family. We aim to provide you with all necessary information required to help you raise a happy healthy dog. Your puppy will get to socialise away from home in a safe and supervised environment with our qualified dog behaviourist and trainer. Between the ages of 8 weeks to 24 weeks your puppy develops very quickly and this is the perfect time for your puppy to learn about people, other dogs and different environments. We believe that this is the time to take advantage of your puppy’s developmental stage and give them the best start to life in a clean and supervised facility. Our Puppy Preschool program runs for 4 weeks for 1 hour . Vaccinations are a must and their vaccination certificate must be brought to enrolment night or your puppy will not be eligible for Puppy classes. Contact us to find out when our next class is running.

Basic Obedience Classes


We believe that you should start your dog in obedience while they are young, because dogs are fast learners. Teaching your dog the basic skills will not only nurture your relationship with your dog but set them up with life skills. Dogs are not ethical animals, they do not know the difference between right and wrong, they only know what is favourable to do- this is why reward-based training methods work so well. Rewards can come in many forms- it can be pats, food treats, walks, rides in the car, ball games and your voice. The most successful combination of dog and handler using rewards, is to find out what your dog loves. Not all dogs love a pat on the head but, will work for a food reward, this is where your relationship, understanding and patience with your dog is so important. Basic obedience classes that we offer will help you teach your dog the basics skills like ‘Sit’, ‘Down’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Come’. This is first level obedience and it all goes up from there.

Behavioural Problems


Our qualified dog behaviourist can assist you and your dog with problems that you may be having. Please call us to discuss your dog’s particular issues.

Stay and Play Social Classes


Held every Saturday from 10am to 11am, this is a service that we like to offer to dogs and their parents, where you get to stay with your dog and socialise with other dogs and their parents, using our facilities. This is supervised by one of our trained dog handlers and can be beneficial for extra socialisation for you and your furry best friend. All of the dogs start on leash with you, we do a little training to help settle the dogs. Then once the class has been assessed, they will be allowed off-leash to enjoy themselves. Please phone us to book in.

Wash and Dry, Nail Trims and Brush


While your dog is staying with us in Doggy Daycare, we can give them a wash and dry or a brush to help with those forever shedding dog hairs. We do not provide a full grooming service, sorry.

And while they are with us, let us trim your dog's nails.

Doggy Birthday Parties


Why not let us help you celebrate your dogs birthday. We can hold the party in our dedicated dog centre, supply doggy cakes and treats. One of our experienced dog handlers can help with games and social interactions. A take homes treat bag and a birthday bandana for all dogs. All treats and cakes are of course dog friendly. We will take photos for you and at the end you don't have to worry about cleaning up- because that's our job. Phone us to book your dogs next birthday.

Retail Section


We have a small selection of Collars, Leads, Harnesses, Seat Belt Clips, Toys, Treats, Water Bowls etc. Come in and check out what we stock. Our aim is to stock Australian made and all natural healthy treats.

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