Our Mission

To be the first choice in Doggy Daycare, by creating a new standard of care and providing a positive and loving atmosphere for all dogs, in our dedicated centre. We offer an environment where your dog will be treated as part of our family. We pride ourselves in getting to know your dog personally and to connect with them, which is one of the reasons we ask so many questions in ‘Your Dog’s Personality Profile’, prior to being enrolled with us. We all work very hard to ensure that we are the most respected Doggy Daycare in Bendigo. We want nothing more than to create a better everyday life for your dog and you.

Meet Our Expert Dog Handlers

The only staff you will ever find at Bendigo Doggy Daycare are compassionate, experienced and love what they do. We pride ourselves on having trained dog handlers with years of experience so we can give your dog the best care and attention that they deserve. We like to surround ourselves with great people and we are all passionate about what we do. We love our work, because it is not a chore for us, it is our chosen career.

Kiwi poster


Hello, I am Julie and I grew up mostly on farms in north eastern Victoria, so animals of many kinds were a big part of my childhood, horse riding, milking cows, rounding sheep, feeding chooks, playing with cats and always dogs. I was a vet nurse and dog groomer for many years and seemed to end up with lots of rescues or looking for homes among my friends for the many unwanted pets.
I developed a love for the Rhodesian Ridgeback and found it hard to stop at one (I partly blame Emma for that 😊). I have 3 now and decided to venture into the world of dog shows with my latest boy, the devastatingly handsome Kiwi, now an Australian Champion (Aust. Ch Koruridge Eleguas Paradox (Imp NZ)).
I just love to watch dogs playing and having fun and watching them work out new toys or games. I realised from wanting to find something to stimulate my pack there was a real need to provide a service for other like-minded dog owners in a more structured and safe environment than ‘off leash’ parks and jumped at the chance to be part of this Doggy Daycare Centre and am very excited to be involved in this much needed service to help dogs have a great fun day and prevent some of the boredom and behaviours that are often a result.
I look forward to meeting you and your dog and setting them up for a great experience.



Hi there, I am Emma and I live, love and dream dogs- they are my life. In every aspect of my life the dogs always come first. As many people who know me often say “she won’t spend $50 on herself, but if the dogs need it she will hand over hundreds of dollars”.
I grew up around the typical domestic animals and some farm animals, cows, horses, chooks, ducks, parrots, cats and of course dogs. I have also spent many hours hand raising injured or orphaned wildlife.
Fast forward a few years and in the early 1990’s I bought my first Rhodesian Ridgeback and have spent the rest of my waking hours dedicated to this wonderful breed. When I am with my Rhodesian Ridgebacks I feel so privileged to share their majestic, loyal companionship- I am connected to them in a way I can’t explain.
So I guess you would call me an animal lover. I am passionate about my job and I love to look into a dog’s eyes and see their smile, they have so much love to give, if you treat them right. I also have a deep interest in canine health and nutrition.
I look forward to meeting you and your furry best friend and treating them with compassion, gaining their trust and providing them with the best day possible.



Hi, my name is Janine and I have loved dogs all my life - a trait passed on to me from my father. I have three children who I have raised to love and respect these beautiful, loyal and loving creatures.

I purchased my first German Shepherd at the age of 18 and developed a passion for canine training and behaviours which I have put into practice over the last 25 years.
A fully-accredited dog trainer (International Dog Academy), I am also a qualified groomer. My patient and gentle approach is the key to winning a dog's trust - no matter the breed or background, personalities and quirks.

The greatest reward from my work is bringing out the best in every dog and it's human, setting them on the path to a lifetime of loyalty and companionship.